Jan. 23-25, 2024
Universal City, CA

Building Back: Driving Supply Chain Resilience & Reshaping for Success

The aerospace and defense supply chain is large and complex making it susceptible to disruption in ‘normal’ times, but the past few years have brought a greater set of challenges and constraints then ever seen previously. Global turbulence, geopolitical conflict, pandemic ramifications, volatile demand patterns, supply shortages, spiraling costs, rising inflation and pricing instability are just a few of the factors that have seen the A&D supply chain in a permanent state of distress and its fragility and vulnerability truly exposed.

However, now the industry is on the road to recovery and looking to ramp up production rates, how does the supply chain emerge from the ‘perfect storm’ of recent times and look to rebuild and restore. What are the innovations and strategies that can be employed to navigate uncertainty, mitigate risk, drive resilience and improve performance in a turbulent environment? A&D SupplyChain (formerly known as SpeedNews Commercial Aviation Suppliers Conference) will address all these issues, gathering industry experts to provide crucial updates and unique industry analysis on the key questions currently facing the sector.

Designed for leaders and decision-makers in the aerospace and defense supply chain, this conference will provide a wealth of information on the current state of the industry and predictions for future trends as well as important updates on supply chain risks and opportunities. The agenda will take a deep dive into the hot topics and markets. Alongside the comprehensive program A&D SupplyChain will provide valuable business networking opportunities with industry stakeholders.

  • Supply Chain Challenges & Constraints
  • Strategic Inventory Management
  • Managing Supply Chain Risk
  • The Road to Net Zero
  • Industry 4.0
  • Workforce Hurdles & Labor Challenges

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